Didier Pigeon



In April 2018, AD Systems faced a tragic event with the untimely death of Didier PIGEON, President of the company since its creation. His passing was a shock that rattled not only our company, but also the entire petroleum testing industry.

AD Systems would like to thank everyone who sent us messages of condolence and support.

My name is Martial LÉPINAY and I was Didier's partner since the beginning of the AD Systems venture. Starting AD Systems was a dream we shared through 30 years in the petroleum testing industry. As Manager of AD Systems Development and Production, I was the architect of Didier’s vision.

The heartbreaking loss of Didier required the reorganization of our company to ensure the ongoing quality and continued development of the innovative products for which AD Systems is known.


Through great effort the AD Systems team took the difficult steps to reorganize. Our goal is to maintain contact with our distributors and customers while continuing the production of our state-of-the-art products.


AD Systems will continue the development of products and respond to changes in the oil market and the new constraints it faces. Our objective is to honor the legacy of Didier PIGEON.

President / CEO of AD Systems

ASTM D1322-12 officially published for the SP10



AD Systems is proud to announce that the new ASTM D1322-12 - Standard Test Method for Smoke Point of Kerosine and Aviation Turbine Fuel, manual and automated method, has been officially published.


This new method is automatically part of ASTM D1655 which defines the jet fuel specification. In other words, the SP 10 can now be used to certify the smoke point of any jet fuel.

One year ago, Energy Institute and ASTM together organized a large inter laboratory study. This exercise demonstrated that the precision of the AD systems automated smoke point instrument was four times better than the manual procedure.

Based on this study, EI and ASTM approved new joint test methods (IP 598 and ASTM D1322-12) which describe the manual and the automated procedures. These two methods are available from


In addition, the AFC ExCo (UK Ministry of Defense Aviation Fuel Committee, executive Committee which manages the Def Stan 91-91) have taken the decision to replace IP-57 with IP-598 which permits the use of either the manual or automated method and implements the precision statement for each method as defined in the research report.

The AFC ExCo have also taken the decision that as of January 2014, the automated method as defined in IP-598 shall become the referee method.

Energy Institute thanks D.Pigeon


Colin Matthews, Sub-committee Chair of SC-B - Fuels and light distillates, presented Didier Pigeon, member of TMS-B8, B9 and B10 Fuels Panels, with the EI's Certificate of Appreciation in front of TMS-B10 members at the meeting No 02-14 held on 25th of September 2014 at the Energy Institute, 61 New Cavendish Street, London.

This certificate recognizes his highly valued services over many years to the TMS SC-B8, B9 and B10 Fuels Panels and for his outstanding work in producing an automatic smoke point apparatus. It recognizes also his valuable assistance in producing the test method IP 598. This work represents a significant contribution to quality assurance of jet fuel.